Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update Jan 3/11

Monday Jan. 3, 2011
I am doing small chores on the boat as I wait for a course manual that I need for my water license renewal to arrive. I called California and got them to ship it directly here in three days. Shipping to Canada and back would have taken two weeks or more.
It took a while but I finally got the GPS to sync with the new net book computer, now I will have a backup to the laptop, just in case. So I guess I will enjoy the comfort of shore power and hot showers for a few more days. I will then make tracks south. 
Unless something comes up I will just stop for the night on my way south and leave the dingy lashed on the foredeck. I have a few friends that will cross the stream this month and it will be better to go as a group. So now I must prepare myself for a night time crossing of the Gulf Stream, 60 miles or more across the open ocean.

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