Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 27, 2011 onward

Well it is now 1800 and the boat is repaired. I had the boat hauled out at Browns Boat Yard in Nassau this morning at 0800, and then checked for any damage. The keel was fine with just some bottom paint missing; the rudder had what looked like a split where the two halves joined at the bottom tip of the rudder. There was no evidence of any separation of the skins from the body of the rudder and just what looked like filler chipped out. So I cleaned that area out and then filled it with epoxy and micro-balloon filler, then covered the joint with two layers of axial cloth and roving to secure the joint. An improvement over the stock configuration. I went out for lunch to give it time to set up. Once that had all set I sanded it reasonably smooth and then covered the repair with bottom paint and the whole job was done by 15:00.

The tide was down by then and there is only 3 feet of water in the slip so we’ll spend the night on the hard and launch with the morning’s high tide. From what appeared to be a disaster we are now ready to go for under $300.00. Next stop is the Exuma’s…

Dec 29, 2011

We set sail from Nassau about 10:00 heading for Allen’s Cay. The day was overcast and the wind was supposed to be more north than it turned out. We were heading southeast but the wind was easterly so it was a motor-sail to Allen with the main up. About half way out it started to rain and the wind was a little gusty up to 17 kt. We eventually let out about 75% of the headsail but kept up motoring because it was a little tight and we wanted to get there before dark. We arrived about 16:30 and set the anchor in a nice patch of sand. About 20 minutes later Bolero arrived and anchored close by. After dinner we went over to chat over a couple drinks.

The next morning we headed out for Shroud Cay about 14 miles south. We arrived at 14:30 and took a mooring that we checked to see if it was secure. Shroud is a low island with extensive mangroves in the middle of the island but you can dinghy through all the way to the sea side to some excellent beaches. We then took a dinghy ride through the mangroves but had to cut it short as the tide was falling fast and I didn’t feel like carrying the dinghy out. Later I sent Chris up the mast to check and clean the antenna coupling. It looked good so I am still not sure why I don’t have much distance on my VHF radio. I will try calling boats I hear on the radio and see how far I can transmit.

We left early on December 31st for Staniel’s Cay to meet some of our friends for New Year’s Eve on the beach and arrived about 14:00 and are now tucked in close with about 90 feet of chain out in preparation for an expected front to pass through on the 3rd. This evening we joined in for hors d’oeuvres with several of the other cruisers. We met several other couples and had a fun evening and were back on the boat late after cruisers midnight, about 21:00.

January, 2012

Jan. 1, 2 & 3, we took the dinghy around and checked out the sights, watched the cruisers regatta and enjoyed roast pork dinner at the awards. And then just before nightfall, settled back onto the boat to prepare for the expected cold front. We knew it was coming which was why we chose this spot to anchor. I checked the anchor and it looked secure though not buried as deep as I’d have liked. I went to sleep early so I could be rested by 03:00 when it was forecast to arrive. The winds slowly built all night and the front arrived at approx. 04:30. The anchor held well and did not drag as far as we could tell. One boat had come in late and anchored just behind and to one side but the wind shift to the NW put him a few boat lengths off my stern. If we’d have dragged he’d have had some predawn company. The far corner of the anchorage looks pretty empty this morning and I think those boats have moved in closer to our end.

Come dawn though everything looks good, though there is one boat nearby without a mast, I will have to go over and talk to them later when things calm down and hear his story.

Well as forecast the secondary front has winds blowing 20 kts with higher gusts. It is supposed to blow 30 today before it calms down this evening. The waves in the anchorage are pretty choppy and if it calms a little we can go for a dinghy ride. And if it calms enough I will go get that lobster that Dejarlo offered us.

Well we survived the two day front with winds gusting to 30 kts. Dejarlo was leaving early and dropped off a nice lobster tail that we’ll have for tomorrow’s dinner. This morning was calm even though the wind threatened to go farther west which would have sent big waves through the anchorage. Our anchor held and we didn’t drag at all. We left about noon for Black Point and are now having a beer at Lorraine’s restaurant with internet access.

Time to relax and check emails and look for parts to get the radio back up to par…

Jan. 6 2012

We are still anchored in Black Point. I was going to go up the mast today but all our friends decided to go fishing so…. I managed to spear a lionfish and Skip got a wrasse and gave that to us so that was today’s dinner. Been a quiet few days, last night was happy hour at Scorpion’s and after a few there and a game of pool we went over to Lorraine’s for dinner. It was Carol’s birthday and Lorraine put on a nice buffet. There was another sailor there having a birthday and that just added to the evenings fun. Just another day in paradise…
I climbed the mast today to work on the antenna and wind instrument. Cleaned all the connections and theantenna bracket base but still no distance on the radio. On a hunch we tried a friends spare radio in the boat and it got out fine. So that means that my radio is dieing and will need to be replaced. So now to find an decent priced radio in the Bahamas... Just another day in paradise...