Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time to start again

It’s Thursday morning and I am sitting in the airport waiting on the plane that will take me back to the boat. It was freezing rain last night but the weather in Titusville will be in the 70’s. Jackie and Dave will be meeting me at the airport in Orlando, then off to the boat. Friends of ours are in Vero on a mooring and I may try to catch up to them.
The next phase of my adventure starts now.

Sunday Jan 2/11 I am going to traveling alone, our friends that we travelled with for several hundred miles, her mother broke a hip so they have cancelled their journey to stay with mom till she is a little better. I feel I am wasting enough time here, the barnacles will be moving it. My dock expires in two days and I need to get a couple tasks done so I can leave. My new little computer runs the Fugawi software but won’t recognize the multiplexer. I may need software from New Zealand to correct it and a course for work needs to be sent to me, but where???

The new dodger looks great and covers the entire cockpit. The refrigeration is working well, motor is harder to start than when I left but runs good for a 25 y/o engine. I may order a windlass but not today…. Not sure what else to check on or upgrade and the only thing standing in my way now will be my own reluctance to head out.
The one thing I wish I had on the boat is a traveling companion to share this with, it is going to be a very subdued trip now when there is no one you care about to share it with.

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