Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leaving Nassau

Looks like Thursday is the day we leave here for the Exumas. Todsay we had heavy rain and thunderstorms. Maybe 4" in about an hour, had to bail out the dingy...
I have stayed here longer than I wanted to, I hope to be in Highbourne or farther down by tomorrow night. I would like to make up some ground while the weather is good. I do plan to take a break at Staniels Cay, then push for Great Exuma. With any luck I will be relaxing in the harbour when my friends arrive on Feb 12.
If I don't update or contact anyone tomorrow then I am on my way.
Time to break free of the docklines again... And say goodbye to the swimming pool and hot spacious showers.....

1 comment:

  1. We heard you talk to Nirvana Now this morning just before Chris Parker's weather. Glad that you're in Allens Cay. We're at Blackpoint and plan to go to Farmers Cay early next week. Safe Travels,