Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arrived in Coconut Grove

I left Ft Lauderdale and had a wild downwind ride to Miami and entered the cut at 15:30, passed the Richenbacher Bridge at 15:55 and arrived in Coconut Grove about 17:00
I took a morring at the Coconut Grove Sail Club for four nights close to Kajon and Glenice, two boats I have been travelling close to since Oriental NC since early November.
I am getting the supplies I think I will need and waiting on a weather window. The forecast looks good for crossing to Bimini on Tuesday morning and with luck will be in the Bahamas Tuesday night.
I am anxious to start this new part of the trip, it is what I have been planning for, for last few years.
Once I leave here I will not have a phone or internet for a while. I will look for internet cafes along the way but don't count on getting any coverage unless I get lucky or desperate.
My plan is to check in in Bimini, cross the banks to Chub and then to Nassau. Then it is off to the Exumas and points south. Wish me luck and I will update when I can

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