Friday, January 7, 2011

I feel I am stuck in the mud

This may be my last posting for a while. I had hoped to get out of here today or tomorrow but now it looks like early Sunday. My package hasn't arrived yet. I can't wait any longer though. If it doesn't arrive in tomorrow I will not worry about it. Have it shipped by courrier if it ever does show up.
I waited too long and they closed the canaveral canal thatr I planned to get out into the ocean from. Instead of 30 hours sailing it will be three or four days to Fort Pierce the next outlet. It is over 200 miles to Miami and inside I can only do 30 to 50 mile days... such is life
It has gotten cold here again. I want warmth and sun and island breezes

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  1. Ken,
    Sorry that your progress is slow and that you're not making the progress you want. Keep your spirits up and we look forward to seeing you again soon here. The fronts have been stronger so stay safe in your crossing of the Gulf Stream.

    Lorraine and Phil