Friday, February 25, 2011

Black Point, Great Guana; Heading north.... Slowly

I am anchored off the monument beach in Georgetown. Relaxing and working on the boat and meeting new cruising friends. Graham and Peter are coming in Saturday at and so is a cold front... it may drop down to 24*C.... Burrr
There is a nice breeze now keeping everything cool. I bought two Papayas and some Tomatoes from a local farmer, and will get some lettuce from the market for tonight’s dinner.
I am now having some issues with the alternator and will try to find one locally or get some parts sent in via a cruisers net friend from
All is well though as the solar will meet my demands if I don't tax the systems.
Well the beautiful water beckons and I must heed its call...

See you all soon.... I hope

Well my alternator will need rebuilding or replacing when I get to Florida. The outboard is pretty much toast and have borrowed a friend’s motor to get me through and I am now back in Black Point…
On the trip down to Georgetown I found that the temperature sender had been painted during a rebuild and the contacts were not good. After scraping them of the paint the temperature was reading normal, and most likely the thermostat was removed by the previous owner for no good reason. I still will have to install one. The alternator will not charge unless I rev the engine up several times, I am not sure why but someone suggested the brushes may be sticking. I will replace that back in the states unless it dies completely out here.

I spent 13 days in Georgetown and a week of it with Graham and Peter. Even with all the problems we had a good time. The area is a tropical delight even with 350 other boats in the anchorage. And Tracie, I did get some pictures and will get copies of the other guy’s pictures as well but you really should go there yourself.
I found someone to help get the SSB and Pactor and computer all talking and now have radio email. They were a couple from Ontario who got married on the beach here. A very relaxing 2 weeks in all. After the guys left I went up to Emerald Bay Marina, part of Sandals resort and only a $1 a foot for an un-serviced dock. Spent two nights and used the free laundry and internet; enjoyed the pool table and free coffee and shuttle to the grocery store.
I left there about and motor sailed up to Galliot Cut on my way back to Black Point. Spent the night anchored there and snorkeled for Conch and Lobster but didn’t find any. After breakfast we took a leisurely motor up to Black Point and are now here until we head up to Warderick Wells and get ready to cross to Eleuthra.

PS: uploading pictures is a pain with the internet connections here

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