Friday, October 15, 2010

Starting Out

Graham and I, (Ken) left Southport Sailing Club early on Sept, 7 2010 after finding that the water was to thin in the well. With a little effort and some pushing by Jeanne we were out and on our way. On the way out the Channel took one last swipe with that wandering log that we hit every time we go out.
The wind was on the nose all the way to Lake Erie. As we passed the Water plant some of the staff came out to wave as we passed. It was a brisk sail to Pelee Island in 15-18 knot winds

We arrived at Pelee and spernt two nights there... Pelee has no safe drinking water but is a great place to wait out weather. we visited with Duncan Hind at his cottage, aboutn the 4th most southern house in Canada.

We eventually left on a northern wind for the long sail to Erie Pa, and arrived at 04:30 on Sept 10, 2010 after a 22 hour sail in 6 to 8 foot seas.

In the morning we called in but were told they knew nothing about a cruising permit. We were later to find out that all ports are to do them but some just don't want to. A problem later on...

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