Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hampton to Elizabeth City NC

We left Hampton late and with the wind from the wrong direction, again… we stopped for fuel and they told us we’d never make the bridge opening and then would have to wait 2 hours and so we anchored at Hospital Point for the night. After dinner we rowed over to visit Dawn and Randy on there boat. We rowed back just minutes before a front blew in that would have made rowing back a problem. In the middle of the night the wind switched and we ended up a half boat length from a buoy and had to pick up and move closer in. After that we were fine and before dawn we were heading out the catch the bridge before it closed for rush hour. We made it through with a few minutes to spare after almost getting lost in the big navy base basin. Once the GPS was up we found the way through and made our opening and as the sun came up we turned into the Dismal swamp canal. A ground fog covered the water in spots but we took our time and had no trouble in the winding first section. We arrived at the Deep Creek lock at and had to wait an hour for the first opening, but with no current or wind we just shut the motor down and sat there not moving. After locking through with two powerboats and a sail boat at the bridge we tied up at the Deep Creek wall and went shopping at the Food Lion store. And then we headed out for the Dismal Swamp. We motored to the Welcome Center and tied up for the day at after only touching a few items on the bottom, logs I think. Later on 5 more sailboats arrived and we had an impromptu social hour.
Leaving at we timed our trip to be at the next lock for its opening.
Once locked down we had to wait inside as they repaired a broken gate pin and after 20 minutes we were on our way to Elizabeth City. There was a very nice dock for 14 boats but no washrooms, water, hydro or pump out. But we did walk a few blocks to get diesel at a gas station and fill our tank.

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