Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From Annapolis

Peter and I had several days to look over the town and walk the small streets. Most of the streets are as they were when the town was first settled. Almost every house was designated historic… makes remodeling tough.
Jeanne arrived with her kids about on Sat. and I went to pick them up in the dingy and had to make a couple trips to get all the stuff out to the boat. Peter and a couple from Orillia left as I was ferrying them out. We went for breakfast at a tiny restaurant but had to kill some time and walked around for a while as we waited for them to open.
Later on we went to Fawcett’s to pick up the new anchor rode, 100 feet of 5/16 HT chain spliced to 150 feet of 5/8 - 12 plait rope. Almost losing my best anchor in Delaware bay to something sharp on the bottom was unnerving, you never know where you could end up in the middle of the night as you sleep. We will need the chain when anchoring near sharp coral and using all chain shortens the scope and distance we will swing. While we waited on them to open we wandered through a boatyard as I tried to get Jeanne interested in a bigger boat.
After we got the heavy chain in the dingy and safely onto the boat we headed to the boat show to look for bargains and picked up a few items and I drooled over a wind generator made in Canada. We had several days where the sun didn’t shine and we had to run the engine to charge the batteries.
Bobby and Sue, Laurel and George, Brian and Leslie and another couple Gary and his wife were there and we had a few Painkillers at Pusser’s together

The next day we went to Weem’s and Plathe and bought several items, all about half price. A brass ships bell and brass yacht lantern and a log book with weather cover and a brass nameplate that we had engraved. On the way back I took Jeanne to look over a 36 foot Gozzard that I would love to have if I only had $250,000.00 to spend. Maybe I can find a less expensive one…

We left Annapolis after spending a week there during the sailboat show we headed out to the fuel dock for water and fuel. We had met several new friends and while fueling we met yet another couple from Ontario and traded contact cards to keep in touch.

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