Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time to move

March 8, 2013

I entered the fun volleyball tournament, six teams of nine, we managed to get together as a team and together we won five out of five games… Woo Hoo... First place won a flag and a bottle of rum for each member. In the afternoon was practice for the four on four tournaments on Wednesday, and played 10 or more games. These will be a lot tougher games. Some of the players are very good and able to cover much of the court on their own. Much attention to the rules and legal play… should still do ok though even though many of the players played in college. The two on two and three on three players are very good…

Well the 4 on 4 volleyball tournaments went well and we only lost one game out of seven for the best winning results and clinched the first place prize and another bottle of rum.  Last night was the closing dance and prize giveaway. My friend Steve on Slow Flight got a 5 nights on a mooring in Vero Beach that he didn’t need and gave that to me. Thanks Steve…

I may go to Long Island after this for a few days before the long slow trip back to Florida… More to follow… I signed up for the rally to Long Island and will head north from there. I hope to spend a few nights in Black Point and one or two at my favorite spot off Galliot and then Staniel’s Cay and Pipe Creek and Warderick Wells before heading to Nassau. From Nassau I will then to Bimini and on to Ft. Lauderdale and hope to be there sometime in April… These are all tentative plans depending on the weather and my mood. So now you all know… I am selling my Cuba chart book to a young couple here with a cute little girl and a baby so they can go to Cuba too.

I am off to Long Island in the morning for a few days. I will try to get back online there but may go silent until I get up to Black Point in a week or so.

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