Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013

Sailing with Jeanne

Now that the kids are gone we can relax and enjoy the island time together.  No more need to be somewhere at a specific time is a much better feeling to have.  We have been spending mornings at Flip Flop beach working on my tan lines when it was cooler for Jeanne and then I would play volleyball in the afternoon as Jeanne relaxes under the Caseopia trees. In the evenings we could meet friends for cards or dominoes. More boats are arriving and some leaving every day and I will need to decide if I am going to go to Cuba this year. Jeanne has decided to go back home to work at the end of January. She likes that job and the people she works with and they have offered to extend her contract to November.  We decided to stay in George Town at least until she left here. I just received an email from Graham; he will be flying in for two weeks on the day Jeanne leaves. 

Graham’s visit was great; we had a good time here even though I didn’t feel like going to sail to other islands.

March 2 2013

I just received word that David will not be joining me so it is time to make plans for a slow trip back north. Today started out mild with very light winds but as forecast the winds went suddenly up to about 25 knots. It is now about 20:00 and I have seen gusts to 40+ knots. It is a little choppy but the anchor is holding tight. The ride back in the dingy from town was a little wild with about 3 foot waves and the wind gusts trying to lift the dingy when I’d ride over a big wave but I made it safely back to the boat. I plan to stay here through the regatta and then may head to Salt Pond Long Island for a few days before I start my trip north. I entered the volleyball tournament and will see how we do over the next few days.

It will be next week before I get back online and then the next front will be here Wednesday or Thursday with stronger winds forecast. Maybe I will go to Cuba if I get to Miami too early and it is cold up north. I have come to the conclusion that I need more battery amp hours and will get 4 6volt batteries for next year and a wind generator.

March 4, 2013

I entered the fun volleyball tournament, six teams of nine, we managed to get together as a team and together we won five out of five games… Woo Hoo... First place won a flag and a bottle of rum for each member. In the afternoon was practice for the four on four tournaments on Wednesday, and played 10 or more games. These will be a lot tougher games. Some of the players are very good and able to cover much of the court on their own. Much attention to the rules and legal play… I should still do ok though even though many of the players played in college. The two on two and three on three players are very good…

I may go to Long Island after this for a few days before the long slow trip back to Florida… More to follow…

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