Monday, March 21, 2011

The Boat is Repaired

Well the boat is back in the water now, The new shaft and cutlass bearing are installed and the strut was rebuilt with 8 layers of Bi-axial glass and epoxy. The motor over to a dock went fine with no vibration.

The next test will be on the sail back to Frazer Hog Cay across the Tongue of the Ocean about 45 nautical miles; and then across the banks to Bimini and then on to Florida.

The new bottom paint is Micron 66 and when I get hauled I will repaint the bottom with it, only $460.00 a gallon here

I plan to sail for Florida this week and then up the coast.

Taking a pass on the Abacos this year to get back home a little earlier.

Will stop to visit Jim my friend from the Erie Canal. Then I will be heading up to Green Cove Springs and will try to get home in time for the next grandchilds birth.

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  1. Hi Ken,

    Just got the chance to read your blog. Sorry to hear about your problem with your shaft. We are in Vero now. Moving showly back to MA.

    Steve & Margo