Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A short update

I arrived in Green Cove Oct 31, 2012 and worked on the boat a week until Jeanne arrived. The bottom was done and the critters killed off and her new shelf installed. Then went to Orlaando to pick her up at the airport and to a friends place for the night. The next day we went to the boat where Jeanne asked why her palace was not ready for her comfort. Then another week of cleaning and sorting and she knew why...
But all is now well in our world. Another solar panel is installed. The AIS is programmed and installed but still to be wired in. New wind sensor is up on the mast top. Hull polished. Boat is launched and the machine shop is making parts for the new bow roller...
We left Green Cove Monday at 12:30 and arrived at Jacksonville Landing at 17:30. The next morning we left for St Augustine at 06:30 and arrived here at 14:30.
Along the way I installed the bracket for the AIS antenna and now need to run the co-ax for it. When that is done I will wire it up to power and the GPS.
Still chores to be done but at least we are on the move and heading south and soon to be warm again...
Now off to Sailors Exchange and the Oil Company outlet.

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