Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Jekyll continued

We departed the marina at on a rising tide for our passage through Georgia and some of the shallowest parts of the Intracoastal Waterway. By we were anchoring in the Wahoo River, 630 miles south of Norfolk. We left the Wahoo at to time the passage through the Little Mudd River for a high tide. The tides in the area can be 8 feet and some spots are only 4 or 5 feet deep at low water. Our timing was good and we had little trouble passing through. We crossed Altamaha Sound and headed to Frederica River. At a bend in the river is Fort Frederica on St Simon Island, a fort and pre revolutionary settlement that was placed to protect the English colonies from the Spanish in Florida that claimed all the land of the southern states for their own. We spent the night rafting off Mandate at anchor in the protected river and then toured the fort grounds in the morning. We left about on the tide and motored over to Jekyll Island. Jekyll Island was the Spanish possession only a few miles from the English to the north.
Entering Jekyll Creek can be tricky and special care is needed to stay in the channel. We made it to the anchorage and planned to take a bike tour of the island in the morning. For $20 a boat you get to use the facilities; showers and bikes and pool and hot tub. We rode the bikes for several miles along the Atlantic side beach, letting the brisk wind blow us most of the way to the north end of the Island. Then rode through the extensive historic district that dated back to the 1600’s of the Spanish in southern North America and up through the million era of the early 1900’s. After lunch in the Crane family cottage and drinks in a Warf side bar we headed back to the marina. The hot tub was not hot enough for us so we had appetizers in the poolside bar and by we were back on the boat.
Our next destination is Cumberland Island with its wild horses.

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  1. Glad to see that you both are having a good time. Look forward to seeing you here at St. Mary's. Friday am they have an informal "yacht club meeting" in a cafe and on Saturday they have their official yacht club meeting at 130pm (excuses to get together - everyone is welcome). Sunday evening at 530pm starts the potlucks. We've been keeping the radio on scan, so hope to hear from you when you get down in this area.

    Lorraine and Phil